Saturday, 14 July 2007

*I've Been Tagged*

*Jennifer from Buttercups & Roses* has very kindly tagged me, thank you!

So here are 8 Random things about me!

1. I'm vegetarian but allergic to mushrooms! (I love mushrooms ~ but I just can't eat them, or anything that has had mushrooms in it or on it, however tiny. I once picked a few off a pizza ~ but no, was still incredibly ill!!!) So eating out can be an incredible chore for me!

2. I have 2 older sisters, one 10 years older and one almost 13 years older ~ I have 4 nieces, the oldest being 24 and and the youngest being 15, and so I am closer in age to my oldest niece than I am to either one of my sisters.

3. I don't like coffee ~ never have, never will! But love coffee centred chocolates!!!

4. I adore *Calvin & Hobbes!* They make me *giggle* so much and they are both such cutie patooties!

5. My husband and I were married in a 'secret' wedding Christmas Eve morning 2004 ~ we didn't tell anyone we were doing it apart from 2 friends that we took as our witnesses! (James proposed to me Christmas Day 2003).

6. I have done a course in Crystal Healing and I'm also a Reiki Master!

7. I love the Sea! I mean I really love the sea, I can just sit and stare and stare and listen to the waves and never get fed up ~ EVER! (Well I actually do this in the countryside too!!!! I love Nature!!!!)

8. I am completely nutty about *The Wicker Man* (The Edward Woodward version that is)! I love the film, I have the soundtrack, I have the book and I'm completely insane about it! There is nothing better to cheer one up than singing along to 'The Landlords Daughter' loudly!!!!

9. I sing 'little songs' a lot ~ and I mean a lot, and not 'proper songs' just little songs I make up ~ about anything, random things, things that I'm doing, if I'm happy, if I'm sad, anytime I will probably have a little ditty about it!

10.I used to have very long bright blonde hair ~ I now have a short brown choppy bob!!!

Ok, so now I have to find another 8 people to tag!
Boy, I think this will be a job! I will try my best!
Hey if you haven't been tagged yet, leave a message here and I will tag you!!!

*Happy Saturday Everyone*


  1. Alison, I absolutely love deckchairs and the sea. It was such a lovely surprise to see your photo a moment ago. My friend is staying with us this week. She does Crystal Healing and is doing her Reiki Masters!! Small world!

  2. Hi Alison, Thankyou for finding my Blog and leaving a comment.Thanks for tagging me too,but what do I have to do ?(panic).I know I have to write a list of "interesting" titbits about myself but what do I do then?Love your Blog by the way,you're making me hungry with all your baking malarkey!!

  3. Sue I love deckchairs and the seaside too, I took this photo on a sunny morning at Weston-Super-Mare a couple of years ago!

    Rubyred, I've left you a message on your blog! Looking forward to finding out more about you!


  4. Haha! I am another Wicker man fan! Love that film- I am always watching it, and I bought it on DVD! It's so folksy and whimsical!! Think Tom also quite likes Britt too....!!!

  5. *Tee hee* Sophie, how fab!!!
    How great is it to watch over and over again? There are so many funny little 'looks' & 'scenes' that I can just laugh at again and again! Oh and the songs, what about those songs!!! *Giggle*
    Glad you are a fellow Wicker Man fan!
    Love Alison x

  6. Enjoyed reading your facts. Shame about the mushrooms, I just love 'em. The Wicker Man is an awesome film, weird and surreal but all part of the charm. lol. I have it on DVD too.

  7. Great to find out more about you! I love the sea and coffee centred chocolates (actually any flavour chocolate will do!). Hope you're having a good weekend
    Kim x

  8. Hi Alison,

    I share your love of the sea - I could sit and watch the waves for hours.

    I see that you live in Darlington. I used to live in Thornaby many, many years ago! Small world.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Yours is lovely and I will call again soon!

    Marie x

  9. I Love the sea and the countryside, I live about 2 mins from the beach and 5 mins from open countryside, I do find the sea far more magical and mesmerising though...
    What a pain with the mushrooms, I dont eat cheese or cream, so I struggle in restaurants, it must be a real nightmare for you!:)

  10. Oh the sea is wonderful I love the deckchairs picture. I love to read the random facts about people They are always so interesting

  11. The sea is my sole.
    I used to live by the sea when I was growing up, and spent many hours watching the waves. Miss it loads!!

  12. Hi, Alison!

    I'm so glad that you found my blog :) I had to laugh whilst reading your profile because I, too, love shabby chic, am a vegetarian, love fairies, and also am a Sagittarius. My husband and I also are always making up random songs, mostly to sing to our dogs, lol.
    Now, I *don't* particularly like the sea, so I guess that saves me wondering if we were separated at birth :)

    Have a lovely day, and please do visit Tallulah House again as I plan to post photos!


  13. i am another long standing veggie who HATES mushrooms - like little slugs on a plate - yuk.
    the sea is also a must for me - we are moving near to it in a few weeks and i cannot wait - like you i could sit for hours just watching and listening.
    love your blog.
    tracy x

  14. What fun to learn things about each other! I lived by the sea (Cape Town) most of my life & I do missit & the mountains too, but living in the countryside is wonderful too.

  15. Thanks for tagging me - I don't usually do these memes but I thought what the heck, so I've done it. It's not easy thinking of 8 random things!


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