Tuesday, 17 July 2007

*Sadness & Birthday Wishes*

The sadness is due to it being the anniversary of the day my Nana passed away.
I was very close to my nana, and miss her everyday. I think she is the reason I love the shabby 50's style so much and all things deliciously vintage, as her house was filled with great things, she wasn't one for a 'perfect' house, she preferred much more to spend her time reading, oh and she loved all things yummy & delicious too! *Tee Hee*

I always remember us going through her jewellery, clothes and shoes and me loving everything and trying things on, and I always remember the time she gave me one of her old 'faux' pearl necklaces when I was a young teenager, and I adored it and thought it was the best thing ever!
I wore it often as I got older in my late teens as I got into vintage clothes and accessories.
I still have it, I have it placed over my dressing mirror along with a few other necklaces I have of hers too, and so I see them every day ~ so much better than them being tucked away in boxes and they look so pretty too draped over my vintage mirror.

I wish she could see the woman I have grown into, see the house where I live, and see that I finally did marry James. I wish she could see the influence she has had on my life and the things I love. I wish I didn't miss her so much.


On a brighter note, it's my friend Lisa's birthday today! Hurray!
So I hope that all her birthday wishes come true.
Lisa is an artist and sells some of her work at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, you can see some of her work *here*.
*Happy Birthday Lisa*


  1. Hi Alison

    Thanks for sharing your memories of your Nana with us. You shared them with so much love.

    Happy Birthday to Lisa!

    Marie x

  2. Alison, what a moving post-- a fine tribute to a woman you obviously loved so much. I truly believe that your nana DOES know these things, because love is too powerful to just end. She knows, and I'm sure she's tickled and proud :)


  3. What a lovely post...I do believe that there is something that triggers this obsession that we have with all things pretty and vintage, I think your grandma is definitely responsible for yours!

  4. I love old photos...especially those of family! Great memories...


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