Saturday, 23 June 2007

*The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summers day ...*

It was a lovely morning this morning and I decided to do a spot of baking, so I popped on my apron and got to work! I did a mature cheese and red onion quiche and had some pastry left over so did some little heart shaped jam tarts, then did some cheese scones and finally some fruit scones.

I was just popping the quiche and tarts into the oven when another huge storm arrived, it rained and it poured and it flooded, there was thunder and lightening again & it was crazy dark! What is going on with this weather!?! Isn't it June? Shouldn't we be having lovely summery, warm weather by now?!?

Here some of the scones I made with a wonderful tea set that I absolutely love! I picked it up a couple of years ago from a charity shop, it has a full set of 6 cups & saucers, 6 sandwich plates and a large cake plate, and it only cost £3.99!!!!

Oh and whilst I'm talking about baking, here is my flour shaker that I love too! My mum bought it for me a couple of years ago from a second hand shop. Here it's stood on my apron, which is fab too, it really cheers me up! I picked this up from a charity shop for £2.49! Such a bargain, and very much like the Cath Kidston 'Pop Flowers' range.

So today I had a fab lunch, I had a yummy scrummy homebaked goodies, whilst watching one of my favourites 'Hart to Hart'!!! Yes, that's right I confess I *love* 'Hart to Hart'!

Oh and update on the door, it didn't arrive yesterday and so James went to see them today and they haven't even cut it yet!!!!!! Arrgghhh!!!!! So it's going to be next week when it arrives, but I promise pictures!

Anyhoo, 'Happy Saturday' to you all!


  1. Dont you just love a bargain, I know I do..!!
    I had a cream tea today and all I kept thinking was "I could have a go at making these scones"
    Do you have a recipe for the fruit ones?
    P.s Good luck with the door!!!

  2. OOOh! I'm coveting your little tea-cup and saucer...!!!!

  3. Hi again Jennifer,oooohhh I love a good bargain, oh and cream teas!!! I will post the recipe for the scones for you.

    Thanks for the message Sophie, I absolutely love this tea set!


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