Monday, 20 October 2014

*Bold with Pattern*

"The master bedroom has a very retro feel to it with the pink, tangerine, and lavender colour palette, the paisley linen, and the zigzag Missoni-esque pattern on the floor," says Mona Ross Berman, who designed this New Jersey beach house.
The floor is painted Salmon Berry and White Dove, both by Benjamin Moore.
In this Manhattan apartment’s kitchen, designers William Diamond and Anthony Baratta added a playful citrus pattern to bright blue floors. 
"Our clients — a couple in their forties with two little girls — wanted something zippy and up-to-date, but that still cast an admiring eye on the past," says Diamond.
The lacquered chair is from Room, the Saarinen table from Knoll. Microwave and wall oven by Viking.
The circular pattern of these black and white marble floor tiles by Ann Sacks give a graphic punch to this Washington town house by Hillary Thomas and Jeff Lincoln.
"The house makes you want to put on some Chet Baker and get all Mad Men with a pack of cigarettes and a shaker full of gin martinis," says Thomas.
Alla Akimova created drama in a luminous, all-white New York City bathroom by adding a chevron marble floor.
It's composed of Dark Emperador and Thassos marble and was custom cut by Manhattan Renovations.
Are you bold with pattern in your home?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

French Rustic Country Style

Beautiful country styling from Kate Forman.
Don't you love the use of red here? It looks wonderfully French rustic country, don't you think?
I love those chairs too!

Friday, 3 October 2014

*Vintage Bottle Display Inspiration*

A lovely display idea of similar coloured old bottles ... vintage amethyst springs to mind!
*tee hee*

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

*Hello October*

Well Hello October!!!
Am I the only one who can't quite believe it is October already?
The weather has been so lovely, sunny & warm lately that I am just not ready for Autumn at all!
The leaves have been falling from the trees but the warm sunshiney days have me fooled into thinking it is still summer!
Although I am so not loving the nights drawing in, why does it happen so quickly when in the spring the lighter nights don't arrive as fast on a daily basis?
Oooooh just think too at the end of the month we will be putting the clocks back & then we will really feel the dark nights - ooooohhh I am just not ready, I love the summer days & nights!!!!
Well something we have to look forward to is Halloween!

Happy October Cutie Pies, hope it is a great month for you all!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

*New Wedding Decorations*

Some lovely new Wedding Decorations arrived at Vintage Amethyst HQ on Monday.
First up is this fabulous Mr & Mrs Sign.
This is a wonderful sign for your wedding day.
A large white sign with Mr & Mrs in black writing.
Perfect for any wedding day decor & a lovely wedding gift idea too.

The sign hangs by chunky white twine & is a large 40cm x 12cms.
It is a super duper bargain at only £5 too!
Find them at the shop here
Next is this cutie of a hanging heart!
This is a really sweet hanging heart decoration.
It features 2 wooden hearts, one inside the other with the words Mr & Mrs.
It hangs by rustic wire with a 3rd little love heart on the wire.

It is perfect for wedding day decoration or as a little wedding gift idea.

It measures 8.5 x 8.5cms excluding the wire.
These are only £2.75 & can be found here

Also added are these fabulous count down to your wedding day signs!
Count down the days until your wedding day with this cute sign.
It is a large sign in white with a black chalkboard heart so that you can write how many days, weeks or months until you tie the knot!

This would make a perfect engagement gift idea for a happy couple.

The sign hangs from chunky white twine & measures 30cms x 15cms.
These are another super bargain at only £5 each.
Find these here
Don't forget there are lots more pretty wedding decoration ideas in our Wedding Collection.
Click here to pop along.



Friday, 12 September 2014

*Fabulous Cushions from Inhabit Living*

I am loving these cute cushions from
Inhabit Living over in the US.
click on the link below each cushion to be taken to the shop page ...
Inhabit is an amazing online shop full of fabulous interiors with an 'Eco Initiative'!
They also ship worldwide too!
So why not pop along & take a peek for yourself

Monday, 1 September 2014

*Wooden Crate Shelving Inspiration*

 In this rustic bathroom, wooden crates have been turned on their side and wall mounted to create bargainous shelving. Try it yourself, but be sure to leave room above them for stacking towels. Use the insides of the boxes to place toiletries and loo rolls so that they're never far when you need them. If you want a more colourful look, try painting the crates in a bright colour, rather than leaving them bare.

Similar crates
Similar towels

Photo by Matt Cant

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Sweet Vintage Nursery Chair

I'm joining in on the British Gas History of Home Competition currently being held where someone will win £500 of John Lewis vouchers!!!
Woo Hoo!
How fab is that?
To enter you need to pop a photo of your favourite nostalgic item, so here is mine!
My favourite nostalgic item is this super adorable little chair.
It was my Great-Grandmothers nursery chair & it was passed down through the family, it was passed to my Nana first of all & I remember using this at my her house when I was little along with my cousins, it had a little lifting seat so that you could pop a potty underneath but my Granddad nailed it down as our chubby little legs kept getting trapped in it apparently!!!

I used to really love this chair when I was little, there is something special about little things made for children when you are little isn't there, it feels almost magical.
When my Nana passed away in 1998 my Mum got the chair as she was the oldest of 3 girls.
Sadly my Mum passed away in 2011 & so the chair has been passed to me, very gratefully by my Dad & my sisters (even though I'm the youngest of 3 girls!) as I absolutely love, love, love this chair!
We are a good sized family so I am so grateful to have this wonderful heirloom & will always cherish this tiny old chair.
It will always bring me happy memories of my beloved Nana & Mum.

Friday, 22 August 2014

*Making Paper Bunting with Tinkered Treasures Author Elyse Major*

A cute little crafty video by Rhode Island Monthly of the ever lovely Elyse Major of Tinkered Treasures fame!

Here Elyse shows you how to make cute little paper bunting with pretty paper.

Pop on by Elyse's lovely blog

Buy Elyse's book Tinkered Treasures

Buy Elyse's book Seaside Tinkered Treasures

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

*Pretty Vintage Suitcase Cabinet*

How fun is this idea for a vintage suitcase!
This pretty is from House to Home but something similar was recently on
Although they used it in a bathroom & this idea is from the bathroom section of House to Home too but surely they would just get damp in a bathroom, what do you think?
I think this would be better suited for a bedroom or dressing room (if you are lucky enough to have one that is).
It would be so pretty to display your perfume bottles, creams, lotions & jewellery like in the photo.
They have lined it with pretty wallpaper & you could perhaps source some pretty vintage wallpaper for this. It also looks like they have made a little wooden frame to put in the suitcase to make shelves - you may be lucky enough to find an old one that fits a suitcase or cut one down to size then just line with your wallpaper.
Just pop some little hooks on the inside lid of the case to hand jewellery or pretty hearts.
This would look very pretty open on a dressing table wouldn't it?
Photo by Trevor Richards

Thursday, 14 August 2014

*5000 Likes on Facebook!*

A lovely surprise awaited me this morning when I logged on to the
Vintage Amethyst Facebook page - I had over 5000 likes!

How amazing is that?
I am super happy that so many people want to follow Vintage Amethyst!
If you want to follow Vintage Amethyst on Facebook & don't already what are you waiting for come on over & join the gang!
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Thursday, 7 August 2014

*A Charming White Living Room*

How charming is this white room?
So wonderful!
It is from Country Living & their advice is ...

Take Advantage of Vertical Space
If you tend to amass large numbers of small collectibles, consider climbing the walls, as tabletops offer limited space to showcase favourite finds. These custom bookshelves, in White Drifts from Benjamin Moore, keeps things interesting, grouping clusters like-items in various sections. Gather fluted vases and trophy-like urns, but stagger heights and mix various creamy shades. Occasional inconsistencies, like shells or architectural remnants and tarnished silver, highlights the monochromatic effect and keeps it from seeming mundane.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Are you excited?!
The Great British Bake Off is back!!!!
Can you believe it is series 5 already!?!?
You can have a peek at who are the series 5 contestants
Oohhhh I can't wait for tonight now!
Will you be watching?

Saturday, 2 August 2014

*Seaside Tinkered Treasures Giveaway!*

Have you seen the lovely Elyse Major of Tinkered Treasures fame is having a giveaway?
The prize is a copy of her new book Seaside Tinkered Treasures!

You can find this sweet seaside inspired book over *HERE* on Amazon for £12.99!
Anyhoo if you want to enter her fab giveaway head on over to her lovely blog & enter